School Council

School Council 2019-2020 Minutes

Jubilee School Council Members 2019



Date:               21.09.2019             2pm – 2;50pm


Ms Matumbike

Mrs McGuire

Year 6 Jayden and Nancy

Year 5 Ashpreet

Year 4 John and Tayah

Year 3 Ashton and Michelle

Year 2 Kory and Millie

Year 1 Jaycee

Apologies:      Daniella Year 5 –Dentist Appointment


  1. Introductions
  2. Code of Conduct for School Council
  3. Roles
  4. Vote for New Chair and Secretary
  5. A.O.B

Notes from Meeting:

  1. All the council members were happy to be part of the council.
  2. SM led and all children came up with the necessary Jubilee Standards of behaviour. Council agreed on the importance of being punctual for the meetings and KS1 to liaise with Mrs McGuire to collect and return KS1 council members to class or assembly.
  3. SM explained about how to run Class Council and recording the minutes of the meetings which need to be brought to every school council meeting.
  4. School councillors given first assignment to find out what Jubilee would like sold in The Job Shop and find out ideas of what they would like put in the Quiet Areas of the playgrounds. School council asked Ms Matumbike to make a announcement in assembly.
  5. Council voted for Jayden Antonio to be Chairperson & Nancy Ugokwe to be Secretary.
  6. Ms Matumbike School Council Leader(Teacher) Mrs L McGuire to be School Council Assistant (T.A)
  7. Date of next meeting Friday 11 October 2019 in Conference Room or Birch Classroom. Councillors to be advised nearer the time. Ashpreet Biring voted designated messenger for all important messages via teachers.

Meeting adjourned at 2:45 and School Council dismissed.