EYFS – Curriculum

Planning in the EYFS in Jubilee Lead Primary Academy

Long term

There is a long term overview which explains the start of the curriculum journey for each of the curriculum subjects taught across Jubilee Academy.

These subjects are set out through our 7 areas of learning. See the long term plan.

Medium term plans

This is broken down into the coverage of our half termly units which can be seen in the unit overview and content coverage plan. For each half term the continuous provision is planned for with a clear rationale of why the selected resources have been provided.

Weekly plans

In terms of weekly planning, the personnel connected to the early years meet weekly for a ‘feed it forward’ meeting to review the continuous provision. Any area of continuous provision which has not been used or used well enough to meet the focus will be enhanced. These enhancements are planned for and will be obvious as a provocation board will be in place. See weekly feed it forward enhancement planning sheet.

All subjects which will have some direct teaching are planned for on the weekly planning sheet.

EYFS Curriculum Letter – SRING